Escape room for 5 people in Kyiv

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There are five of you, and the rules for visiting the chosen escape room state that this is a game for 2-4 players? Don’t be upset! This doesn’t mean that the idea of spending an excellent evening in Kyiv has to be forgotten. Quite often an escape game for five people is also possible. To be sure, you just need to clarify this issue when booking a room.
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Escape room for 5 players

Sometimes it happens that the team has already planned a visit to an escape room and is in anticipation… But suddenly there appears the 5th person who is eager to attend the game with you! Such a situation can confuse the whole team, because most escape games are not suitable for teams of five. KADRooM is a unique escape room network where quests are available for large companies.

Looking for an escape room for 5 people, you should pay attention to the genre that you prefer. It can be a thriller, a not scary escape game or a horror performance with an actor. In our network, each of these genres can be available for a team whose number exceeds the standard (up to 4 people), or hasuddenly changed.

Our escape rooms for 5 people have an important feature: each of 5 players will be able to find something to do as they progress through the quest. After all, getting bored in an escape room is the worst thing you can imagine. That is why we honestly do not recommend some of our rooms to large teams. And the other way round, we offer other with pleasure, because we are sure that the efforts of each additional participant will only help the team open the exit door & receive even more vivid impressions from the game.

You can book an escape room for 5 people in Kyiv on Kadroom website. Our operator will contact you to clarify all the details and provide additional information. Except the cases where maximum and minimum number of players is restricted due to the technological features of the quest and completion of the game in a team with a smaller or a large number of players is simply impossible. By asking the operator when booking, you will not only find out if this quest is available for 5 people, but also — which other escape rooms you can choose from those presented in the network. As well as what is the fee charged for additional players.

22 August 2021
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11 February 2021
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10 July 2020
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Escape room for 5 people in Kyiv
The escape room administrator may request a prepayment for evening sessions in the amount of 50% of the game price
Escape room for 5 people in Kyiv
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Strictly prohibited

1. To be in a room in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication, drinking liquor, smoking

2. Carry to the gaming area and use any equipment, including mobile phones and cameras, any hand tools during the game.

3. Take with you or intentionally damage props and equipment

4. Any photo and video in the game zone is strictly prohibited

Participants agree

1. With audio and video recording of their stay at the location

2. Make payment before the game

3. With the fact that in case of violation of the rules, the game can be stopped without a refund of payment

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Quests in reality (also quests “escape from the room” in 60 minutes, real quests, “live quests” and escape-room) – are entertainment for group of friends. You are locked in a room and your goal is to find the way out of it. But it’s not as easy as it seems: you need to find hints, hidings, decrypt messages, break open safes and solve puzzles.