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Escape Room Game of Thrones

60 min.
Not scary
without actors
for family
for 2 players
for 3 players
for 4 players
not scary
for 6 players
for 5 players

You and a group of loyal comrades know exactly what can turn the scales in the battle for the Seven Kingdoms to your side. Dragons would be very helpful. And the legends say that several eggs are still hidden in the secret dungeons of the Red Castle. Perhaps this is only a beautiful fantasy, but the game is worth the candle. Try to get inside and solve the secrets of the treasury to capture the desired Iron Throne!

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Reviews on the escape room «Game of Thrones»

There is a place in Kyiv where it is incredibly easy to forget that you actually are in an escape room in the very city centre! And that is our new incredible quest room “Game of Thrones”! Regardless of whether you are fans of the world-famous series about dragons & white walkers or not, this room is an excellent quest for a team of two to six players!

Our “Game of Thrones: Red Castle” does not just immerse the team into an atmosphere reminiscent of a medieval castle. It abounds with references to the series. Here, the players are awaited by a real Iron throne, stylized high-class scenery and fascinating puzzles, inspired by the magnificent fantastic world of George Martin. As always, to successfully complete the quest, you do not need to be aware of the plot of the movie! And even if you have never watched the mentioned TV series, you might start doing it after visiting this quest. The team of players will feel like the true inhabitants of Westeros. And not ordinary inhabitants, but aspirants to the power over the Seven Kingdoms! You want to win for sure, so in search of a clear advantage over enemies at great risk make your way to the royal castle to verify the authenticity of the rumor that dragons owned by Daenerys are not the last existing. Somewhere in the secret rooms of the castle, along with other relics and treasures, you may be lucky enough to touch a real dragon egg! And neither more nor less – to secure the Iron Throne for yourself. No one knows what ominous and complicated puzzles are there in the Red Castle, but resourcefulness, teamwork and ingenuity will help you to get out. A full immersion into the story and atmosphere are guaranteed in “Game of Thrones” escape room from KADRooM, thanks to the beautiful and high-quality props, made in accordance with the style of the castle; professional light and audio effects; thought-out legend and storyline, as well as surprises presented to the players by the authors of the quest. Gather friends and go on an exciting adventure from the “Game of Thrones” universe in the very center of Kyiv!

Quest room on the well-known TV series Game of Thrones in Kiev opens its doors to you. Quest of the average level of complexity, in the center of Kiev from 2 to 4 players by KADRooM network. Book online or by phone +38 (098) 641 94 34. Valar Morgulis!

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Game of Thrones
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Game of Thrones
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1. To be in a room in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication, drinking liquor, smoking

2. Carry to the gaming area and use any equipment, including mobile phones and cameras, any hand tools during the game.

3. Take with you or intentionally damage props and equipment

4. Any photo and video in the game zone is strictly prohibited

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1. With audio and video recording of their stay at the location

2. Make payment before the game

3. With the fact that in case of violation of the rules, the game can be stopped without a refund of payment

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Quests in reality (also quests “escape from the room” in 60 minutes, real quests, “live quests” and escape-room) – are entertainment for group of friends. You are locked in a room and your goal is to find the way out of it. But it’s not as easy as it seems: you need to find hints, hidings, decrypt messages, break open safes and solve puzzles.