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Escape room Back to the Future

60 min.
Not scary
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not scary
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Having faced a wondrous problem, the mankind needs to take decisive actions. A famous time traveller & genius of the past Dr. Emmett Brown is obviously the only one to help you out in fighting the virus!

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Reviews on the escape room «Back to the Future»

Everyone, who ever watched the movie Back to the Future, dreamt to meet Marty McFly with Dr. Emmett Brown and get off on DeLorean for an exciting adventure. Now, you can get such a chance due to the new dynamic retro escape offered by KADRooM network. You will be called to get to know the most famous inventions by Doc Brown in his museum, and help humanity facing a grave danger on top of that. An unknown virus provokes dogs into extremely aggressive behaviour towards humans. The rumour holds that only famous Emmett Brown has a key to this phenomenon. Your team will follow the prompts left by the Doc to return to the past, to doc’s laboratory, for developing a vaccine. Beware, you’ve got only 60 minutes of precious time to travel back in time and distribute the vaccine.


The novelty of the KADRooM escape room network in Kyiv based upon famous franchise is designed for a team of 2 to 4 people with an age limit of 12+, making this escape a perfect fun time option both for adults and families with children as well. Escape features stunning scenery, hi-tech brain teasers and something completely special – an exact reproduction of famous DeLorean. Don’t miss out on a chance to visit the first escape in Kyiv with a real car (auto). Franchise fans will certainly appreciate the thematic references to that time, carefully inscribed in the plot and room decorations.


Back to the Future escape room is arranged at the new KADRooM network site in Kyiv at the address: Rybalskaya str. 3 subway stations at arms’ length – Pecherskaya, Arsenalnaya and Klovskaya, which allows you getting to the site from anywhere in Kyiv. Escape is available in 3 language versions: Russian, Ukrainian and English. Why Back to the Future escape is “a must”:

  • Оriginal plot;
  • hi-tech author’s brain teasers;
  • convenient location;
  • team building for any age and any team;
  • unique high-class scenery.
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Back to the Future
Back to the Future
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Strictly prohibited

1. To be in a room in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication, drinking liquor, smoking

2. Carry to the gaming area and use any equipment, including mobile phones and cameras, any hand tools during the game.

3. Take with you or intentionally damage props and equipment

4. Any photo and video in the game zone is strictly prohibited

Participants agree

1. With audio and video recording of their stay at the location

2. Make payment before the game

3. With the fact that in case of violation of the rules, the game can be stopped without a refund of payment

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Quests in reality (also quests “escape from the room” in 60 minutes, real quests, “live quests” and escape-room) – are entertainment for group of friends. You are locked in a room and your goal is to find the way out of it. But it’s not as easy as it seems: you need to find hints, hidings, decrypt messages, break open safes and solve puzzles.